Cooking Classes

Have you always wanted to learn to cook authentic Japanese food? Do you want to impress your friends and loved ones with your superior culinary skills at your next dinner party? Become a master chef and learn to cook traditional and contemporary Japanese food from expert Chef Tamaki.

Learn the secrets to cooking the perfect Japanese dish with a cooking class hosted by Cheft Tamaki. Sit down for a relaxing green tea and be briefed on the exciting experience to come.

Firstly, you’ll get to touch, smell, and sample the cooking ingredients to become familiar with their characteristics and how they will be used in your cooking.

Next, we review the staples for sauces and seasonings in Japan. Whilst there are many, it is not overwhelming and seeing it all done resonates the information better than a book ever could!

Then the fun begins. Under the guidance of Chef Tamaki, you'll begin prepare the dishes. Chef Tamaki will demonstrate how methods are performed traditionally, while also encouraging you to exercise a little creative flare.

At the end you'll have all the recipes and skills to take home with you, and your class with enjoy a delicious Japanese banquet together!

During this class you will learn how to make:

- Agedashi tofu (fried tofu with mushroom sauce)

- Nasu dengaku (eggplant with miso sauce)

- Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake)

The classes all vary depending on the season and the size of the class. Some of the dishes we prepare include:
Japanese bento lunch boxes with chicken karaage, Japanese potato salad and a variety of onirigi (rice balls with fillings)
Sushi and sashimi (including both nigiri sushi and maki sushi)

The typical class duration is four hours, including eating the dishes that you have prepared.

Classes are held at various venues around Melbourne. Please get in touch to find out when the next cooking class is by clicking the More Info button to the right or call Chef Tamaki direct on 0451 955 757.

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