Japanese Gourmet Food Tours

Japan is almost always on any travellers’ “want to visit” list, but few actually do. It is known for its beauty, its rich culture and especially its delectable food. Yet the challenges around language & transport, let alone how it expensive it can be if you are unaware, means it frequently goes on the “too difficult to visit” list.

Chef Tamaki’s Japan Food Tour is designed specifically for travellers who have always wanted to visit Japan – and are food lovers at heart.

The Japan Food Tour is all about indulging the senses: foods that are only available at that time; events that are unique to that season; and engaging with nature, such as the traditional picnic under the cherry blossom trees.

The Tour starts with the Discovery Week, based in Osaka and travelling around the Kansai Area. Combining history and culture with food, sampling regional dishes and breweries from Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Matsusaka.

The Exploring Week involves travelling west by Bullet Train and taking in Hiroshima with its famous local okonomiyaki. Further along having dockside sushi at the gateway to Kyushu on the Straits of Shimonoseki. Before crossing into the capital of Southern Japan, Fukuoka.

We then continue south to the onsen (hot spring) capital of Japan in Kagoshima, under the shadow of the Sakurajima island volcano. Kagoshima is famous for its high quality fresh food, especially for Kurobuta pork. They eat Kurobuta with Tonkatsu style (bread crumbed and deep fried) or shabushabu style (hot pot meal with thin sliced meat).

From Kagoshima we complete the circle by returning to Osaka and the same place we met 14 days earlier for a final night together. A remarkable journey through Japan that you will never forget.

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