Pop Up Kitchens

In addition to our tasting nights, Chef Tamaki also hosts pop up kitchens. The difference being, in addition to planning the meals, Chef Tamaki also cooks the meals.

Growing up in Japan, Chef Tamaki was always fascinated by food. During a pop up kitchen, Chef Tamaki will take you back through her childhood and share with you food and experiences you can only get from growing up in Japan. You’ll get to taste exotic street foods, secret recipes from her grandmother, and delicacies found in only the top Japanese restaurants.

Each pop up kitchen menu is different and is crafted and prepared from the ground up. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally, as well as spices, sauces and flavours imported direct from Japan, a pop up kitchen with Chef Tamaki embodies the true essence of Japanese food.

Chef Tamaki will be there to explain and guide you through each dish and share with you both the history and culture behind the cuisine.

Running for approximately 3 hours, a public pop up kitchen with Chef Tamaki includes all food as well as matching beverages such as wine, beer, sake and Umeshu (plumb liqueur). A private pop up kitchen, where Chef Tamaki cooks for a private party, the beverages can either be provided by Chef Tamaki or provided by the host.

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