Tasting Nights

If you’re looking to experience a taste of Japan, we have good news for you. Once a month, Chef Tamaki hosts an exclusive dinner evening at some of Melbourne’s finest Japanese restaurants. Including Kenzan, Ocha, Yuzu and Hanabishi.

You’ll get to experience authentic, traditional Japanese food prepared by a master Chef. Your host for the evening, Chef Tamaki, will be there to guide you through the food on your plate, explaining how to it is prepared, the ingredients used and the culture and history behind the cuisine.

Not only will you learn more about this rich and ancient country’s cuisine, but you’ll instantly become more cultured and traveled, something you can brag to your friends and family about later 🙂

There’s more to Japanese cuisine than just sake and sushi. Catering to both vegetarians and carnivores, you’ll get to sample and explore both traditional and contemporary dishes. Each restaurant has a different focus and therefore a very different offering in the menu's we create with them.

In addition to the food, it wouldn’t be a Japanese dinner (or party) without a sampling of the country’s fine assortment of expertly crafted beers, sake and Umeshu (plumb liqueur).

The cost for each tasting night depends on the menu with dinners typically running for around 2.5 hours.

For more information about our upcoming tasting nights or to get in touch with us, please see the box to the right and click for more information or send us an email using the contact box located our Contact page.

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